Best kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen renovation is important for the family because sometimes they have genuine reasons, and sometimes they can get bored with the existing layout, color scheme, and textures.

The kitchen is the heart of any house. Families and friends gather here; you enjoy your food while making memories with everyone you love. Since it is always in use, it needs renovation and repair more frequently than any other place in the house.

In any case, a kitchen renovation can be an expensive and exhausting project if not conducted professionally and planned.

The best way to do a kitchen renovation

The best way to approach kitchen renovation is to start with a firm and detailed plan laid out. If you are interested in a Do-it-yourself journey, your plan may be different. But if you are going to hire a contractor, you have to consider a different set of options.

Let us discuss the basic process involved in any kitchen renovation project.

  1. Design

Design is the first step through the most important one. It usually starts with a family brainstorming session and gradually gets into shape. It is crucial because it helps to minimize the number of surprises and the extra leakage of funds while the project is going on.

Some factors you may consider adding to your kitchen renovation design document are;

  1. Layout

If you are doing a small-scale DIY kind of project, you would probably want to keep the layout the same because it is a more skill and expense-oriented task. However, if you are adamant about changing the layout, it is best to discuss it with your family and the contractor you have Renovation

Do not get worried about the number of revisions your family comes up with within the design phase. It is easier to change now than regret after the completed job. Aim for a good tradeoff between style, convenience and space management.

  1. Finish

Try to coordinate your wall finishes and cabinet finishes to create one unified theme.

  1. Budget

The most important part is the budget. It determines how far you can go in your kitchen renovation project. Always clearly state your budget before starting the project to avoid any future problems.

  1. Gathering Supplies

The next step is gathering all the supplies. Once your design and layout are finalized, then you can select the supplies. Make sure you visit the stores in detail to touch, feel and visualize the materials. Pictures sometimes do not do justice. You will select;

  1. Kitchen flooring
  2. Kitchen countertops.
  3. Kitchen cabinets
  4. Kitchen accessories


Installation is the phase where the circus starts in full swing. Expect some chaos and noise while your contractor is installing the new design. We recommend keeping an eye while the work is in progress to point out anything you are not satisfied with. The sooner you show your reservation, the easier it is to get it fixed.

It is all about perspective anyway. We would recommend setting up a meeting with your contractor to get the feel of the project. Once you have hired a professional and skilled contractor, you may rest assured that it will not become a Titanic.

Most of the fears are rooted in two reasons.

  1. You do not see how things will blend in and what will be the final picture.
  2. You feel overwhelmed and tired of choosing so much stuff.

The best way to overcome these fears is to have detailed meetups and conversations with the designers and contractors early in the project. A well-resourced contractor can help in the decision and show you samples of the work to help in decision making.

The best way to approach a kitchen renovation is to plan and prepare ahead of time but with a contractor’s support to avoid future problems. Let us give you some pointers.

  1. Prepare yourself.

Talk with your family to strongly establish the need for kitchen remodeling and how positively it can affect your life. Once you are convinced of the project’s needs and results, you are in a better position to make decisions.

  1. Wants VS Needs

Magazines, commercial ads, and media give you a never-ending choice which can again be very overwhelming. Many choices can also get you over-excited, and you may fall into a vicious cycle of wanting too much without need.

The best way is to start with a written list of needs and stick to your initial plan.

You may want to add;

  1. Type of storage
  2. More counter space?
  3. Trash preferences?
  4. What kitchen equipment do you use?
  5. Lighting, how bright do you want them?
  6. Timeline and Budget

Going beyond the timeline and budget is the most common issue with kitchen renovation projects. Make sure you thoroughly discuss your project timeline with your contractor, and both agree to an optimal date. But once done, stick to your date like anything.

kitchen Renovation

Budget is another issue as well. Sticking to your needs and not falling for the marketing gimmicks is your first defense line against budget problems. Also spending the money in the right places is very important. Going fancy on the face value and not choosing quality fixtures, plumbing or other skeleton items is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Project Goals

Make sure you communicate your real project goals to your contractor. It helps them to suggest the best solutions and avoid last-minute disappointments. Project goals examples are;

  1. More advanced and energy-efficient electronics appliances.
  2. More and accessible storage units.
  3. Make space bigger, ventilated and bright.
  4. Modern outlook.
  5. To increase the resale value of the property.
  6. To add more personal style touches.

The best kitchen remodeling starts with a brainstorming session graduating to a document. The other steps strongly depend on the choice of contractor. Dr Cabinet is a reliable, experienced, and professional kitchen remodeling contractor. They have a reputation for listening to their client, which is a great and rare quality these days.

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