Cabinet Repair

Cabinet Repair and Repainting

Cabinets repair set the tone of any room. For many homeowners, it is these aspects of interior design that make a house homely.

And for this reason, you want to make sure that your cabinets are the best. This is true, especially for kitchen cabinets, which are seen as the perfect setup for these rooms.

No matter good, your cabinets are, they wear out. Sooner or later, you will be faced with the need to repair a part or all of the cabinets, based on the damages. Cabinet Repair

Water, constant use, and tragedies are the main factors that affect cabinets’ lifespan. You need to understand how to recreate them to march the needs of your home.

The most prominent aspect of repairing cabinets is repainting them. This can happen if the cabinets are old or they have been damaged.

Also, you may want to change if the color does not work with your decoration. Or if the paint does not convey what you were dreaming for.

In this case, it would be a good idea to paint over them.

A new color will refresh those old and tired cabinets. This is possible, thanks to technological advancement in the painting industry.

Cabinet Repair

Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices are made to stand out with good cabinets. Most of these cabinets are wooden frames that make the backsides and open front, doors, and drawers.

A skilled maker can create the carcass front to have the same design as the grain of doors. They can make everything with a wide range of styles.

Also, they can choose different materials, ranging from laminate to plywood. Some are made from hardwood, which can withstand more pressure.

If you want custom cabinets, makers can create them based on the choice you make on the paint, stain, varnish, or polyurethane. Every hardware picked will meet your needs.

Despite the quality of materials, you choose or how good you make your cabinets, they always wear out. The paint begins to fade or become scuffed. Or, accidental gouges can expose raw wood when the doors become stained.

Other issue includes bind hardware and broken handle.

A good cabinet repair service can get every feature back in place, restoring the glamour of your cabinets. It means making structural fixes on all or part of the cabinets, including refacing and fixing in new hardware.

Which parts are most vulnerable to repairs?

Any part of the cabinet can get damaged. From the doors to the drawers to the shells – they are all parts that make cabinets look good.

The main part you may want to find necessary to repair is the doors. Door hinges and handles become weak from constant use.

When you discover that your door is not opening or closing well, or the hinges have become sticky, you may want to readjust. Or, if the handle falls off, you can either fix or replace it.

Cabinet drawers also face a lot of damages. It mostly starts from the handle, extending to thein front panel that begins to fall off. These are issues that you will realize early.

The bottom of most cabinets is made from plywood, which is not very strong. It can easily demand a replacement or that you repair a few things.

Last but not least is repainting the cabinets. This is necessary if you are refurbishing/redecorating your home. Or when the color seems to be fading off, making your cabinets look bad.

Cabinet Repainting 

What are the benefits of painting cabinets? This is one very important you need to answer before you think of these repairs.

There are many benefits to painting or repainting cabinets. If the current color is not working for you, getting new paint can be easier than replacing the drawers and shelves. It does not cost as much.

Besides, technology has made it easy for you to get the best paints. A wide selection of latex paint products exists, which can work for you.

One can use this chance to refurbish their wood or laminate the cabinets with a perfect finish. You will be surprised just how easy it is to turn drab and shabby into crisp, clear, and contemporary.

How to paint cabinets

Painting cabinets is not as easy as it sounds, although it’s not that hard either. As long as you know what you are doing, nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams.

  • Prepare to paint. You cannot paint over painted cabinets without good prep work. The cabinets’ surface must be clean and roughed up, which helps the latex paint and the cabinet surface to adhere. Use a sanding paper over every surface, removing door where possible.
  • What you need. You will need a suitable pair of gloves that allow your fingers to move freely. And then get rollers, pans, and paintbrushes as needed.
  • Points on Primer. It is crucial to have a clear direction in the color you need. Try going through internet photos for ideas. You must use a prime first for those who are transitioning from a dark color to a lighter one.
  • Latex paint. Most professionals prefer latex paint because it’s considered the best. A latex satin finish is better than any oil paint. It does not crumb and dribble down the cabinets. Also, you can paint over a painted cabinet without any problem.
  • Paint over paint. If the cabinets are already painted, you can still use latex over them. As stated above, it is the most convenient approach. Begin by numbering each cabinet front and drawer as you remove them. Lay a tarp and paint each part from the front before allowing them to dry.

How To Get A Good Cabinet Repair And Painting Service

It would be a good idea to do the work yourself. However, it’s even better to hire a professional service provider.

In this case, here are a few things to consider:

  • Research well (go online, ask friends or check adverts)
  • Have several quotes for comparison
  • Check company experience using their portfolio
  • Make sure they have all the right papers and qualifications
  • Make sure their reviews are genuine
  • Get an affordable price

Well, there you have it, all you need to know about cabinet repair and repainting. We can do it all for you.

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