Cabinet Repair in Bergen County

Cabinet Repair in Bergen County

DR CABINET, are specialists in this field with over twenty (20+) years of working experience plus fantastic service delivery. We are known for cabinets repair, replacement, and refinishing. As a company, our wings cover Cabinet Repair in Bergen County  areas, where we attend to our clients promptly. We are known to be the best and professional in cabinet repair and also we render replacement and kitchen cabinet repaint services.

Company for Cabinet Repaint & Refinishing

We attend to our work diligently based on the client’s needs and budget. Our employees are very skilled and handle jobs with passion and professionalism. They also treat clients with love and respect. They are trained not to cause any form of disruption, to adhere to instructions, to take caution when necessary, and also to obey all precautionary measures before, during, and after the work.

We render our professional services to real estate agencies, management companies, and residential clients in Bergen County. We are objective and keen on the creation of an awesome cabinets (traditional and modern) to meet our client’s needs. Our professionalism has deepened our roots in this field. We’ve built a synergistic relationship with other related fields like interior decorators, showrooms, architects, and engineers. This relationship has permitted us to some resources other companies don’t have, and invariably give us a competitive edge over them.

cabinet repair
cabinet repair in Bergen County

Everyone at the company is ready to uphold the mission statement of the company which is “to provide our
customers with an all-in-one building company that emphasizes providing real-world customer service and support.”

However, there is a general opinion that cabinet repaint brings home disruption but with us, there is less or no disruption and we make sure our workspaces are kept clean always. The renovation and repair procedures will be stages for just a few days because we have employees who are highly skilled and work with great enthusiasm and professionalism. Below is what one of our numerous clients have to say about our service:

“I could not be more pleased with the whole project.Although it is usually disruptive to your home when you’re having renovations done, there was minimal disruption, and the work area was always left neat and clean each day. They did a beautiful job.”

DR CABINET is your number spray paint top finish company that put to consider what our clients need when it comes to cabinets repair. We offer our clients the best service and they are proud of us. That is why our customers tagged us as the 5-star service company because they always give us five stars when it comes to rating, Cabinet Repair in Bergen County.


DR CABINET is widely known for the following:

  • The use of quality materials for their services.
  • Our services are delivered at the best price.
  • With DR CABINET, you enjoy a warranty on each of our services.
  • We operate a long-lasting spray system.
  • We are widely known for High-end finishing.
  • We receive 100% satisfactory customer reviews.
  • Our customer service is top-notch.
  • We run a free estimating section with our clients via email or call.
  • DR CABINET is generally known as a five (5) star service factory.
  • We are known to deliver the best service in just a few days.

We offer the following services which include:

  • Kitchen renovation
  • Cabinet installation
  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Cabinet repair
  • Cabinet touch-up

As a company, we have more than twenty + years of experience when it comes to cabinets repair and installation service. We are keen to make the best out of your cabinet, we’ve masters the choice of colours and we always choose the best for our job. No doubt, we are the most sought after company offering kitchen renovation, cabinet and door installation, door and cabinet repair, and refinishing service without compromise. Contact us for your new home kitchen installation, renovation of your old/ traditional kitchen, and refinishing of your modern kitchen, we are one call away. Hence, we are the one company that works with your budget in mind.

Why You Should Choose DR CABINET for your next kitchen renovation and cabinet refinishing is simply because we have more than 20+ years of experience and render the best service in this field. And don’t forget we are a five-star company with 100% satisfactory customer reviews and without a doubt they offer the best price in town. More so, you should choose us because our employees are professionals and do their work enthusiastically and as a company, we choose the best materials for works.


DR CABINET, Cabinet Repair in Bergen County  is still in the business of making your cabinets dreamy by bringing your dream kitchen to reality with a price that fits your budget. Our services are affordable with a professional touch which makes our work distinct.

Join the league of people that rate us five (5) stars by booking a section with us today. You can book a section by calling 201-212-5477 or send a mail to or visit website


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