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Why you need the cabinet repair pros? Because a kitchen is a place where family and friends meet over fresh home-cooked steaming food and have a chit-chat about the happenings in life. The kitchen is your social space therefore you want it to reflect your personality and values.

Cabinets are one of the most frequently used parts in the house and they are bound to scream for repairs and maintenance from time to time. However, the quality of repairs done on the cabinets dictates their lifespan and functionality. A professionally done job with attention to detail is what everyone should look for in any cabinet repair service.

Cabinet Repair Pros

Dr. Cabinet is a cabinet repair service company in New York City that offers repairs and renovation of office cabinets and kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Repair Pros 

Dr. Cabinet is committed to providing you the best value for your money and time. Cabinet repair and refinishing services are your best bet to change the outlook of your house or office at the least expense. You may want to avail of these services for various reasons, your cabinets might need fixing, you might be bored of the outlook or they might not be reflecting your sense of style. In any case, contact Dr. Cabinet for the most economical yet professional offers for any cabinet repair service. Our repair services include;

Cabinet Repair

  • A split in the wood of the cabinet door?
  • Loose hinges?
  • Scratches, scuffs, or touch-ups?

We can fix all sorts of cabinet repairing issues at a very reasonable expense. We at Dr. Cabinet believe in the restoration of what you already own. Being professionals, we always want to discover the reason for the wear and tear in your kitchen or office cabinets. There may be some leaking water pipe, unchecked humidity or it may be general pet scruffs, scratches, and loose screws. Discovering the root cause is important so that we fix it before heading to the original repair work.

We repair and replace door locks, hinges, handles, and surfaces. We guarantee the use of high-quality supplies and craftsmanship to make the repair lasting and reliable.

Cabinet Resurfacing and Refinishing

Cabinet resurfacing is the process of giving a new outlook to your kitchen cabinets by changing the cabinet doors or fronts while keeping the layout and the foundation of the cabinets the same. This is a great way to facelift your kitchen without spending a fortune. We can change doors, hardware, and the face of the cabinets. We can use a combination of laminates or wood veneers according to your needs and preferences.

Cabinet Repair Pros

Resurfacing vs Refinishing

Resurfacing process includes installing and replacing new materials and doors on your existing cabinet boxes. This usually means introducing the latest materials like lamination or veneers in your kitchen.

Refinishing means repairing or polishing your existing cabinet fronts and doors. This is a preferable solution if your cabinets are generally in good shape and there are no chips, splits, and dents in the material.

Cabinet Installation

We provide cabinet installation services for office cabinets and kitchen cabinets of all scales. We have experience in restaurant kitchens, domestic kitchens, and office kitchenettes. You may hire us to install ready-made cabinets or for construction and installation both.

Our technical staff is highly professional and trained to give attention to detail. Therefore, we make sure that the installation is done professionally and no issue is left overlooked. We keep the ergonomics and your preferences in consideration so that you can use the cabinets without any hassle. The height, design, and layout are discussed in detail before the commencement of the project.

How it works

Contact cabinet repair pros for any cabinet repair services in New York City and surroundings. We offer free estimates and advice. Let us see how the complete process works.

Contact Us

You can reach us online for a free estimate at Alternatively, you can send us an email with the details of the cabinet repair services you are looking for @

If you prefer a phone call to discuss the details, our contact number is (201)-212-5477.

Book An Appointment

Once we have the details of the project, we can schedule an appointment with you to visit the site. Our professional craftsman will propose solutions for your issues. Designs, layouts, colors, and materials also need thorough analysis and discussion.


Budgeting is the next phase after the analysis, we will give our quote. We guarantee the most competitive rates with high-class services.

After the planning and measurement, we will commence our work on your premises and would like to deliver the project in phases so that you can give your feedback and the process goes smoothly. Even after we deliver, you can reach us for any complaints or improvements.

Cabinets can change your experience in the kitchen. Perfectly aligned, noiseless cabinet doors and smooth functionality make it easier for you to use the space properly. Also, the design enthusiasts want to make sure that their space represents their style in every way. In all such cases, cabinet repair services bring you solutions that are quick, simple, and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I pay for the initial consultation?

No, we offer free consultation and initial quotes for cabinet repair services. You just have to contact us online or on a phone call and provide the details of your requirement.

2. My cabinets have stains, cracks, and splits but I do not have a budget for replacement, what are my options?

We can suggest after a thorough analysis of your site. However, before going to the drastic decision of replacement, we have other solutions too. We can repair the problems with your kitchen and office cabinets including the shelves, doors, hinges, knobs, etc. The doors of the cabinets can be repainted, resurfaced, or even changed while keeping the foundation of the cabinets intact.

3. How much does it cost?

It depends, we can only answer this after analyzing your requirements and your existing structure of office cabinets or kitchen cabinets.

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