Material for Kitchen Furniture

Choose Material for Kitchen Furniture?

If you have already decided on the layout and style of your next kitchen, the next step is to choose the material for kitchen furniture?. Yes, the material for kitchen furniture from which the kitchen furniture is made. Especially the fronts and doors, since internally, although almost all are similar, they have details that deserve a separate chapter . But why is the material important? Well, because it has to do with durability, aesthetics and price . In addition, it should be easy to clean and maintain, since it is a daily work site where fumes and temperature changes are normal. Wood, lacquer or laminate. They are basically the most common and you will find them at any Delta kitchens distributor.

Choose Material for Kitchen Furniture?

Material for Kitchen Furniture


These are chipboard doors covered by a decorative sheet of different compositions , which forms a surface free of pores. They can be smooth or even be printed with an imitation wood or other material design, in matte or gloss but never with reliefs. These reliefs and moldings are only possible in polylaminates, pvc or polymeric, which is another type of laminate. However, it must be remembered that the latter have lost a lot of prestige in recent times, due to their problems in high temperature areas.

The most common types of laminates are those of high pressure, of higher quality, where the Infiniti laminate of Formica stands out and melamine (low pressure laminates) that are the most economical . Also noteworthy are the anti-fingerprint laminates, which have excellent properties and a good range of colors. You will have to take into account that all of them have PVC edges around them (except the polylaminated ones), an element that can reduce its good appearance, especially in light colors. All of them have a very modern appearance , very good resistance and durability. They are easy to clean and have an affordable price. And you can combine them.


The lacquered kitchens of modern design are smooth fronts, while classic contemporary models or carry reliefs or moldings of different shapes. These are MDF boards to which a colored lacquer is applied on both sides and edges and are available in a wide range of shades. And as for its finishes, you can choose matt, gloss, satin and textured . As alternatives, the high gloss and anti-fingerprint silk touch. On the other hand, they are easy to clean with a little soap and water and in case of damage, they can be repaired. The gloss finish is more prone to scratching, while the matte and textured finishes are more resistant to scratches. And yes, due to the materials used and their production, the price is usually high.


Wood is one of the most appreciated material for kitchen furniture of all kinds. Of course, also for the kitchen. And it isMaterial for best Kitchen Furniture that it can be applied both to a modern kitchen and to a classic or rustic one. But we must differentiate between the most common types of wood stoves . On the one hand, the smooth models that are veneered in wood are more appropriate for modern and minimalist styles, where you also have to look at the direction of the grain. The solid wood frames are contemporary models if they do not have ornaments, while the classic and rustic ones usually have moldings or decorations.

In either case, the color can be natural or tinted in various shades, even colored. And the matte or glossy finish, open pore, pickled or aged. The different types of woods? Among the best known, oak stands out clearly. Although there are others. And may you always enjoy it.

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