Furniture Repair

Are you among the people who take furniture for granted and think that these pieces of wood would remain in this immaculate condition forever? Think again! Because parts of furniture also age with time as we do. As you maintain yourself to show the minor signs of the damage and keep yourself healthy and fit to keep going. Similarly, your furniture needs some maintenance to keep serving you while looking presentable. If you do not maintain your table, you either have to repair them or replace them.

Furniture Repair Services

Antique and heirloom furniture pieces are a different story. These little pieces have history, nostalgia and cherished memories attached to them. Like your grandma may have given you a vintage coffee table that has witnessed the thick and thin with your family. We understand its emotional value for you. Now, what if it accidentally bangs with something and gets chipped? Well, it’s not a pleasant situation anyway.

Furniture Repair

What Causes Furniture Damage

Furniture is usually made of solid and sturdy materials and is expected to last for long periods. However, nothing lasts forever. Life is full of spills, knocking overs, bangs and falling over, so furniture pieces are also victims of these. Let us discuss some potential causes of furniture damage.

  1. Age Spots

We call the minor damages over the lifespan of furniture age spots because they appear so slowly and gradually that you don’t notice them. Until one day, they become a prominent part of your face. Similarly, minor nicks, cuts, scratches, and dents go unnoticed, but they keep damaging the furniture until you spot a significant amount of the broken piece.

It is always advisable to repair minor injuries in time to not grow into unmendable damage.

  1. Environment

Environmental factors like heat, moisture, water damage, dryness, and material ageing are also responsible for furniture damage. However, you can avoid them to a certain extent through preventive covering and coating.

Furniture Repair Services

  1. Spills

These are especially notorious for dining tables, nightstands, coffee tables and chairs. We spill liquids like water, coffee and tea. Though these are more noticeable and we try to absorb them out of furniture. However, the most ignored spills are small spills like cleaning supplies, tiny droplets from chilled glass, steam, etc. The gradual buildup of these unnoticed spills causes damage to your furniture integrity.

  1. Serious Damages

Severe damages are fire, water overflow, major breakage of some part of the furniture. These are usually the result of unfortunate events.

We provide a wide range of furniture repair services right at your doorstep to recover and renew your furniture pieces at the most economical rates. We are proud to be trusted by a growing number of households for their furniture maintenance chores. Our satisfied customers consistently provide us with a great dose of motivation to keep improving our services.

We understand that furniture repair is about you; therefore, your taste and choices must be fulfilled, and we must provide our best skills and craftsmanship to meet your requirements. We strongly believe in preserving and restoring the furniture to keep its glory and history shine.

Our services encompass the complete furniture repair services area. Our expertise includes;

  • Leather Repair

Our professional leather cleaning and repair services include cleaning, stain removal, and restoration of leather. We also provide leather dyeing services if you are looking for a change in your old leather sofas. Also, you can contact us for restoration of worn and cracked leather, repair of rips and holes, seams re-stitching etc.

  • Wood Furniture Repair

Wooden furniture is durable and robust, but it needs some maintenance and repair to keep going like everything else. We repair scratches and dents and burn removals, water damage, colour matching, and wood veneers fixing.

best Furniture Repair services

  • Upholstery Repair

Upholstery is changed for two reasons, for decoration and style purpose and for repairing the damages. We replace spring, webbing, interior foam, buttons, and zips to renew your chairs and sofas and other furniture to make them comfortable and like new.

  • Antique Restoration

Antique restoration is like travelling through history. We receive orders for hundred years old furniture pieces in solid wood, and everything about these pieces talks highly of the craftsmanship of that era. We love to observe and examine these pieces in detail. After careful examination, we suggest the best restoration root that revives the furniture without losing its originality and intricate details.

We restore antique tables, chairs, dressers, bannisters, bookcases, pianos, cabinets, clocks, rocking chairs from the antique collections. We are determined to restore the original quality of antique pieces’ look and protect them from future damage. We make extra effort to collect materials from all around the world so that the restoration and repair process does not damage the piece’s originality.

  • French Polishing

French polishing is a specialized form of polishing that covers the stains, marks, and other superficial damages to the wood and enhances the look of the furniture. It also protects the wood and brings out the natural beauty in the wood. The process involves multiple layers of Shellac is applied by hand using a rubbing pad. These layers are repeated again and again till a rich finish is achieved.

It takes 24 hours for the polish to absorb into the wood to give a smooth and rich finish. French polishing also extends the lifespan of wood furniture pieces.

Furniture is an essential part of your household and defines the personality and taste of the family. You can renew and restore your furniture through proper maintenance. This little investment adds years to the life of your furniture pieces. Imagine your next generations using your furniture and experiencing your personality.

Contact Dr Cabinet for trusted furniture repair and restoration services at affordable rates. We love to change old withering furniture into shining and comfortable pieces. Feel free to call us for a free estimate and advice.

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