Kitchen Cabinet Repair

High-End Kitchen Cabinet Repair

High-end kitchen cabinet repair is a very dubious term. Everyone may have different standards that they define as high-end. For some people, high-end kitchen cabinets are the ones with high-end designs, while others may consider quality and material as high-end.

The foundation of any high-end kitchen cabinet repair is the material. The quality of the construction material, finishes, and hardware provide efficiency, functionality, and durability of kitchen cabinets. The understanding of your design style and preferences is also important to make a kitchen functional for you. This is an important input in any kitchen repair planning process.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair

High-end kitchen cabinets can be characterized as European cabinets, Italian cabinets, and German cabinets. Let us see what the difference between all these is.

1.    European Cabinets

If you have cabinets with fat surfaces, sleek design, and seamless decor aesthetics, these are European cabinets. European cabinet repair needs extra care for keeping the design and aesthetics intact while making the functionality smooth and noiseless.

European cabinet repairs look for the following main characteristics.

a.     Frameless Design

As suggested by the name, in a frameless design, the frame is not present. Therefore the doors are directly attached to the cabinet box sides. When you are doing European cabinet repair, door hinges should be the main focus because they usually go loose. Also, you must be looking for the perfect level and plumb for the cleaner and sleek look.

b.     Minimalist Hardware

European cabinet design favors sleek and minimalist hardware design. The hardware is usually silver in polished, brushed, or satin finish.

c.      Concealed hinges

In the frameless design, door hinges and drawer slides are mostly concealed. During a European cabinet repair, it is important to take care of concealed hinges to make the foundation of functionality.

d.     Synthetic materials

During a European cabinet repair, the proper study of material is significant. Different materials pose different challenges for repair. High-end kitchen repair services handle a variety of materials with European-style cabinets. The cabinet box structure is mostly made of engineered wood like plywood, MDF, or particleboard.

Some other synthetic materials are used for finishes, e.g. plastics, glass laminates, high gloss paints, and polyurethane. The hardware uses metals mostly.

e.     Efficiency

European cabinet design focuses on functionality more than decor and ornamentation. The hardware, material, and design should all contribute to the functionality and ease of use. It includes smoothness, flow, and noiselessness. A professional high-end kitchen cabinet repair company should have the experience and expertise to keep the European-style cabinets free of all glitches.

2.    Italian Cabinets

Italian cabinets are the epitome of modern design and functionality. When you opt for Italian cabinet repair, you should always make sure that the design elements of cabinets remain intact.

a.     Big and deep cabinets

Italian cabinets have characteristic deep and big cabinets. Perfect for big family kitchens and provide more storage space.

b.     Sleek and functional

Italian cabinet repairs focus on functionality. The high-end kitchen cabinet repair professionals always examine all cabinet and drawer hardware and make sure that they open and close with the slightest touch. This needs high-quality hardware along with competent craftsmanship to perfect the adjustments and alignments for high functionality.

c.      Old feel with modern design

Italian cabinet repair must be accomplished with a strong combination of classic and modern designs. There are no bulky handles and knobs, but then the overall look and feel should also have some classic design elements. Usually, natural materials like wood are used in Italian kitchens to create that feeling of nostalgia.

The hardware also takes an important place in Italian cabinets because you are looking for a completely monolithic, weightless, and floating style. High-quality, no-fail hinges, slides, and runners are mandatory in this type of high-end kitchen cabinet repair.

3.    German Cabinets

a.     Modular Design

German cabinet repair means dealing with a variety of design elements. It can be modern, traditional, or mid-century however mostly the german cabinet repairs in the USA deal with modern designs.

Like any other high-end kitchen cabinet repair, german cabinet repair must provide solutions to the problems. The difference between an ordinary and a professional repair job is the attention to detail. A professional company always wants to discover and fix the cause of the problem. After that, they focus on the issue in the cabinet.

b.     Minimalism

German cabinet repairs must focus on utilizing every inch of space available. Minimal design elements and layout result in maximum utilization of available space. This makes German kitchens an option for even smaller places.

When attempting German cabinet repairs, make sure you use the right materials and methods for finishes and hardware.

c.      Handleless look

German kitchens do not have traditional handles and knobs, so any German cabinet repair should not add handles to fix any functionality issues. Traditional handles are also not an option to introduce nostalgic elements to design.

Designing a new kitchen is a complex and time-intensive job. However, kitchen cabinet repair is also a tricky task because it poses the challenge of keeping the kitchen’s traditional look and design while providing the latest solutions to the problems.

Kitchen cabinet repair may be as simple a task as fixing a door hinge. Nonetheless, it can go to a massive scale if you are required to change the cabinets’ parts or introduce a new type of appliance in the kitchen. Some other situation may compel the repairing company to unearth a leakage in the fittings or any other issue resulting in the kitchen cabinet issue.

The professional and experienced team at the Dr. Cabinet company is trained to look out for any potential problem and deliver the best craftsmanship. Dr. Cabinet provides a complete solution for high-end kitchen repair services. They offer hardware upgrade and maintenance, broken doors, splits, or adjustment issues.

A professional repair service adds years to your kitchen cabinets. Proper adjustments and alignments stop further damage, and the use of high-quality hardware can slow down the wear and tear of your cabinets.

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