How to Repair a Cabinet Drawer?

What could be more amazing than finding the important stuff of daily use like repair cabinet drawer precisely when you need it. Storage is necessary to keep our place uncluttered, but thoughtfully designed storage can upgrade your living.

How to Repair Cabinet Drawer?

Cabinets offer the very best solution for storage to our living areas. However, cabinet drawers increase the amount of useable space, making organization within the cabinet much easier. They help to keep the important and valuable stuff we want to hide in plain sight. They efficiently and orderly manage various odds and ends.

Repair Cabinet Drawer

Why prefer drawers?

Drawers can be considered an integral component of a cabinet. The foremost benefits of drawers in the cabinets are:

Better Use of Space

A drawer creates more useable space, and you will be able to fit a lot more stuff into the same amount of space.Repair Cabinet Drawer near you

Provide Full Access

Drawers allow easy access to all objects, even at the back. No need to lean down or to go completely on your knees in order to find out what you are looking for.

Provide Great Organization

Drawers help to make all the stuff to be managed neatly and orderly.

Provide a Modern Look to the Place

With drawers, the place looks more elegant and stylish overall. It enc to break up the monotony of the design of the traditional cabinet. However, cabinet drawers are excellent to add some color and texture to the appearance of your place.

Why do drawers get damaged more frequently?

Think about how many times you keep using your drawers in a day. Most drawers are made up of lighter materials; if it is overloaded or gets stuck for any reason, you jerk on it trying to pull that out carelessly, its knob or joints loosen, and the drawer starts to collapse. Sometimes the loose drawers, knobs, and slamming drawers drive us crazy in the workplace. At that stage, if you take care of and repair the minor fault, further damage can be avoided.

How to repair cabinet drawer at home?

Tapping the drawer slightly is an effective solution if it is simply stuck. Otherwise, you have to determine whether the problem lies in the screw holding the slide or the slide itself.

  • If the problem is with the slide, the runners need to be restored. A few minutes of cleaning and lubricating can make the drawer slide glide almost like new.
  • If one or more screws have fallen out, then replacing the screws can solve the issue.
  • Suppose the slide itself is already bent or damaged. It has to be replaced with a new one.
  • Suppose the sides of the drawer are slightly broken. Tap its sides using a hammer if needed. Repair it by using a screw, clamps, nails, or glue to fix it.

When do we need professional help?

Unfortunately, sometimes, we spend much time and energy fixing the fault without having any appropriate knowledge. Without any previous experience, we use different household and DIY tips, but it does not work, and the problem gets even worse. So it is better to evaluate how possible it is for us to correct the issue without having any professional expertise.

If the damage looks complicated to handle, always let the professional handle it as they are skilled enough to apply different techniques to sort out the problem. Before getting any professional help following steps have to be kept in our mind.

  • Search for the nearest local repair company offering related services.
  • Always select the reliable company offering the best services at reasonable prices.
  • Evaluate the repair cost as some damages cost too much to repair, and it might be easier to have a replacement than a repair.
  • Before getting the services from the professional, get the estimated repairing cost for the kitchen cabinet, office cabinet and compare it with the replacement to see what option is best for the situation at hand.
  • The more accommodating the repair company, the better it will be in handling your current needs as well as any coin needs that could arise with different items in your home.

What does Dr. Cabinet do?

Furniture is an investment. It’s an expression of our taste as well. Good quality furniture can last a lifetime, but with the passage of time, it gets ruined. Dr. Cabinet is a well-known company that offers an all in one cabinet and furniture repair services at record time with the best prices. We serve customers in the greater New Jersey and New York areas. They are specialized in restoring furniture, cabinetry, trim, and woodwork. Cabinet provides a full array of services to repair or restore the furniture in your home.

  • Furniture Repair and Restore

We restore the original look and beauty of furniture that has been damaged.

  • Furniture Painting

Painting wood furniture involves a process of sending and repairing blemishes and applying paint, which gives life to new or old furniture.

  • Dent and Scratch Repair

We use special techniques to fill in dents and scratches to renew the old pieces. We can provide our services to residential as well as commercial businesses.

  • Residential Services 

We provide our best services for drawer repairing, closet, fitting, bathrooms, and laundry cabinet repairing.

  • Commercial Services

We provide repair and maintenance for furniture repairing and restoring in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc.

  • Same Day Service

Our home repair experts are available 24/7. We believe in one call solution where you can get one of our repair contractors on the way to fix the cabinets.

  • More than just Furniture

We also restore pianos and contemporary pieces such as teak furniture. We do insurance work where there has been a fire or water damage.

  • Kitchen Update

Kitchens are one of our specialties. We offer services from restoring your kitchen cabinet to helping you to achieve your dream kitchen.

  • Leather Repair and Restoration

We use advanced repair techniques to repair the leather that most companies don’t use.

  • Cabinet Makeover 

We can find a cabinet makeover solution that keeps your budget and schedule in mind.

  • Cabinet Painting

Updating the color of your cabinets can bring a new life into your kitchen, bathroom, and office cabinet. It provides a clean finish.

  • Our Commitment to Quality

From the moment you enter our shop to the very moment your furniture is delivered, we are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction.

Honesty Is Our Policy

For residential restoration, services, and commercial repairs and maintenance, trust Dr. Cabinet.

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