Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Kitchen cabinets add both functionality and style to your kitchen. However, kitchen cabinets get exposed to many types of damaging elements like steam, water, and heat. So, it is evident that kitchen cabinets need repair and restoration at one point in life because of extensive use.

We understand that rough-looking cabinets and poorly functional units are not only eyesores, but they can quickly become frustrating. The kitchen is a widely used place in the house and needs proper care and maintenance to support the family. After all, who would want to deal with a creaking cabinet door at breakfast?

Kitchen cabinet repair and maintenance encompass a variety of tasks. It includes cabinet resurfacing, cabinet repair, cabinet remodeling, replacing hardware, fixing water damages, etc.

Kitchen Cabinet

Common Kitchen Cabinet Repairs

Sometimes only some repairs can bring positive change for your cabinets. We understand that replacing the kitchen cabinets is not an easy decision because of both budget and the hassle.

We at Dr Cabinet believe in adding value to your existing cabinets through repair and restoration. If your kitchen cabinets have slight damages and still have the carcass and the other elements sturdy, we can suggest the best solutions to avoid replacements.

What are the possible kitchen repairs? Let us see them in detail.

  • Resurfacing Cabinets

If you are happy with your kitchen layout and believe that the carcass is still strong enough to live a happy life with you, resurfacing your kitchen cabinets is the proposed way to change your kitchen style.

You have three choices in resurfacing.

  • Rigid thermofoils (RTFs)
  • Wood veneers
  • Fixing hardware

Hardware plays an essential role in the smooth functioning of your kitchen cabinets. If you hear a screech while opening or closing a cabinet, or your cabinets do not close correctly, or if you see stained or rusting hinges and handles, then hardware repair is your call.

Kitchen Cabinet Repair And Installation

Hardware repair includes all the handles, knobs, hinges, and other elements.

  1. You may have unaligned doors if the screws in the hinges are not fixed properly.
  2. In modern kitchen cabinet repairs, we mostly encounter self-closing hinges that keep the doors shut. However, in traditional kitchen cabinet repairs, cabinet doors may have magnetic or roller catches. If these latches are damaged, you can either fix or repair them.
  3. If your kitchen cabinet doors shut with noise and you are not comfortable with it, we can add bumpers to make the function smooth.
  4. We also fix and repair knobs of your cabinet doors if they have come loose with frequent use.
  5. Water damage is another culprit of damaging the kitchen cabinets. Dr. Cabinet has special equipment along with the craftsmanship to fix the cause of water damage. And once the root cause is sorted out, we can repair the damage. However, if the damage is unrepairable, you may have to replace the kitchen cabinets.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet repair

Modern kitchen cabinet repair is characterized by a minimalist look and cleans style. You do not see many curvesKitchen Cabinet repair services New York and more design elements in modern kitchens. Usually, squares and rectangles are the way to go.

People tend to prefer steel appliances to blend them in with the kitchen cabinets and overall theme. Also, glass door refrigerators and other appliances are popular choices because they look and feel like the most modern kitchen cabinets.

The color themes here are more towards the light, metallic, and more monochrome looks. These designs mostly have glossy or metallic finishes to enhance the overall style. The common materials are combinations of wood, laminate, glass, and metal.

Floating shelves are also gaining popularity in modern kitchen designs because they give a touch of minimalism. However, some people do not prefer them because they may get messy pretty quickly if not dealt with properly.

Another distinguishing factor of a modern kitchen is the frameless cabinet design. No face frame between the doors results in a sleek and uniform appearance. Also, handleless cabinets are gaining popularity. Both of these features make modern kitchens very functional yet very linear.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet repair

Traditional kitchen cabinet repair is characterized by keeping the classic look while improving functionality. Standard kitchen cabinets have rich, dark, and deep wood tones. The design element is more prominent as slopes and curves.

Raised panel designs add more texture to the cabinet doors along with the more detailed and ornate styles. Wood is a preferred medium in traditional kitchen design with carving and ornamentalism.

Since wood is the dominating medium here; therefore, they are more prone to water damage. In a traditional kitchen, we often encounter water damage and rusty hardware.

A frequent request for traditional kitchen repair is the addition of new energy-efficient electronic appliances. We make sure that adding a new appliance does not force you to change the complete kitchen layout and style. We can adjust the machine with some color, texture, and pattern matching to make it look like a kitchen.

We take ultra care of traditional kitchen cabinets to repairing the design elements’ sentimental value—people who prefer classic style love to stick with their nostalgia. Therefore, we make extra effort to keep the touch and feel of the cabinets the same.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet repair

However, some people approach us to change their traditional cabinets to give a more modern and sleek look. In such cases, we may offer multiple solutions according to the requirement and budget of the client. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a popular choice to change the style of the kitchen.

Contact Dr. Cabinet for a quote and advice because;

  1. The first consultation session is free of cost. Visit or send us the details of the damages in your kitchen with your requirements. We provide a quote along with the proposed solution for free.
  2. We work according to your preferred time slot with minimum downtime for your kitchen. Our skilled team provides prompt and reliable service.
  3. Our repair services have guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind.
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