Kitchen cabinet Trends

Latest Kitchen Furniture Trends in 2021

To follow  kitchen cabinets trends are an essential element for our home, it is important to choose them to make our kitchen a unique space in which to life. At DR Cabinet we have a wide variety of kitchen furniture, including the latest trends to make the kitchen the best of places. Next, we are going to tell you the latest news available in our stores.

Kitchen furniture latest trends in 2021

Kitchen cabinet Trend

Next we are going to present you some of the trends in kitchen decoration of this 2021. The importance of being at home and taking care of it has further highlighted the need to look for functionality and design. This fact is especially important in kitchens, since it is the space in which we spend the most time and that is why we must make a correct selection of your furniture and appliances.

Modern kitchens

Modern kitchen cabinets trends tend to be open and multifunctional. Consumers seek versatility, kitchens are spaces in which apart from cooking, we eat or work. Today kitchens are designed to allow spaces to share flexibility. Another of the most present trends in 2021 is to open the kitchens to the living room to encourage interaction within the home, creating a more social environment.

This type of kitchen is characterized by its minimalist designs, providing light and spaciousness.

White kitchens

Natural and soft colors are the most demanded by customers. They guarantee an integration of the kitchen cabinets trends with the home design, avoiding shapes and colors. Neutral and flat colors are chosen to create a unique environment, highlighting the white color.

the vast majority of people opt for white kitchens since they usually have little space. The white color brings luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness in the kitchen, with the simplicity of this color being the true protagonist. Don’t miss the white kitchens available at Hermanos Pérez:

Small kitchens

Predetermined spaces for kitchens are generally small. Small and adaptable kitchen furniture is increasingly in demand for this type ofKitchen cabinet Trends small space. Creating again a feeling of spaciousness trying to make the most of the available capacity. At Hermanos Pérez we have specialists who will measure your kitchen and provide you with furniture adapted to your needs, even if your kitchen is small. Here we show you some kitchens available in our showrooms :

Kitchen furniture with natural textures

In 2021 we have been able to see how raw materials are mixed in different areas. In the kitchen furniture we opted for materials such as  marble, cement, oak, granite help to make the kitchen a cozy place. They are mainly used for countertops, guaranteeing their durability and resistance. Choosing, for example, a marble countertop will guarantee a better cooking experience, and a design that will be the center of all eyes.

Kitchens with sustainable decorations

Handcrafted and sustainable ornaments are increasingly in demand, bringing kitchen decoration closer to nature. Wicker containers or wooden finishes are of great quality and durability that will help you give your kitchen a rustic touch. You can also incorporate plants to make a natural and organic design.

Where to buy kitchen furniture

At Hermanos Pérez we have the best personalized advice for you to choose the best kitchen furniture. We take care of advising you on which are the best kitchen furniture for your home and how to make the most of the space. We offer you different designs so that you can select the one that best suits your taste and we also take care of the measurement of your kitchen so that they are fully integrated. Nor will you have to worry about the installation of your new furniture, at DR Cabinet we are committed to taking care of everything.

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