Laundry Room Cabinets

The laundry room cabinets are often a neglected part of the house. Guests do not visit this area, and you use it to get the chores done. They are poorly lit, dark and bland. However, research shows that the work environment and colors affect your mood and energy. Proper lighting and well-organized laundry room cabinets are the most important aspects that can drastically improve your laundry room’s outlook. Organization and decluttering also make the laundry room welcoming and desirable.

Laundry room cabinets add storage and organization to your laundry room. Laundry rooms are often small, but they still need storage for supplies, hampers, and sinks, while big-size appliances occupy a large area. Therefore, laundry room cabinets have to be carefully planned to use the available space fully.

Ideal Cabinet Placement in Laundry Room Wall Cabinets

Since washers, dryers and hampers occupy the space at counter level and below, wall cabinets are ideal forCustom Laundry Room laundry rooms. Wall-mounted laundry cabinets utilize the dead space above the counters. Additionally, they are easy to use because of the eye level and easy access.

Wall laundry cabinets are durable, too, because water damage from spills and overflows does not affect them. It would be best if you dealt with humidity levels to keep your cabinets last longer.

Laundry cabinets are available in a variety of materials, colors, finishes, and styles. You may use MDF if you are on a tight budget. More durable and expensive options are A-grade plywood in a wood veneer finish.

Floor Cabinets

Floor or base cabinets are placed under the counters. They are permanently fixed with the walls. Base laundry cabinets provide deeper and roomier storage space because they are the same depth as your countertops.

Since floor laundry cabinets are prone to spills and overflows, you must use high-quality materials for both the cabinet carcass and the front. The materials should be sturdy enough to withstand water damage; for example, rubberwood, plywood, or veneer are good options.

Moveable Cabinets

Moveable cabinets are a good option for adding storage to the laundry room without spending a lot of money. They are inexpensive and easier to move around wherever needed. Generally, they are used by renters or people who want to add temporary storage to their laundry rooms.

However, moveable cabinets are not very durable and are usually made of cheap materials like plastic, MDF, or chromed metal. It would be best to look for high-quality mobile laundry room cabinets that can last for a while.

Laundry Room Cabinets

Laundry Cabinet Repair: Reface, Refinish or Replace?

Refacing the laundry cabinets means replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts with applying wood or plastic veneer on the front of the doors. Refacing saves you around 20% in comparison to replacing the laundry cabinets.

If your laundry room cabinets are in great shape and you are satisfied with the layout, but the color is drab, refinishing is a good choice. Refinishing means you can change the color, finish, and polish of your laundry room cabinets. Refinishing is the most economical and quickest way to give your laundry room a facelift.

Refinishing includes paint stripping, sanding, and staining or painting of the surface. Therefore the cabinets must be in excellent condition to withstand this rigorous process.

If you are renovating your laundry room and do not like your cabinet’s look, refacing should be your priority. You can change the look and feel of your laundry room with refacing. However, if you are dissatisfied with the laundry cabinet structure or your cabinets are damaged beyond repair, then, of course, you should go for replacement.

What Should You Store in Your Laundry Cabinets?

First and foremost, do not allow your laundry room a place to dump clutter. Since this area is usually hidden and not frequented by everyone, people tend to use it as a storage place for everything that does not fit anywhere else. This practice will eventually make you hate this place, and you will never be able to enjoy your chores here.

Mindfully deciding what you would keep in your laundry cabinets allows you to make the right decisions about what layout and shelving options will work the best for you. Here is a quick list to give you options about the supplies and essentials for the laundry room.


  1. Laundry supplies like detergents, stain remover, odor remover, and dryer sheets, etc.
  2. Ironing essentials. Iron, ironing board, starch spray, hangers, and steamers.
  3. You will also appreciate having a sewing kit around to mend occasionally to fix a button or a stitch.
  4. Cleaning supplies are essential in your laundry room. It is not advisable to run to your bathroom or kitchen for a mop or a paper towel roll.
  5. Also, keep a bar of soap or hand wash, a hand towel for yourself.
  6. Laundry hampers are crucial for laundry rooms. It would be best to keep multiple hampers to sort your laundry according to light or dark colors. You may want to keep one for heavily soiled laundry.


An ironing station with an iron, steamer, and an iron table is the ultimate time-saver for you. You can iron, fold and sort laundry here. Adding a hanging rod for your ironed clothes is also another good idea.

You may want to add a tall laundry room cabinet as a linen closet if you do not have a separate closet for linen. You can use this laundry cabinet for storing towels, bed linen, paper towels, extra cleaning supplies, etc.

Though you may use the laundry room once or twice a week for a few hours, you perform essential house chores here. It is crucial to make this place desirable to make your life easier. A better organization helps you with time-saving and efficiency. You can transform your laundry room with a better layout and storage to fulfill all your needs and functions. You can even change your laundry room cabinets’ outlook at a very affordable cost to reflect your style and aesthetics. For cabinet-related issues contact Dr. Cabinet and we will solve your cabinet problems right away.

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