Office Cabinet Repair

Looking for Municipal office cabinet repair, doctor office cabinet repair, or law firm cabinet repair or installation? Cabinets are a significant part of office workflow and fully functional cabinets. In addition to this, cabinets are also part of the overall aesthetics of the space.

Office cabinets offer many advantages for the workflow in the organizations. They provide storage space and allow the classification of stuff. This makes workflow easy to navigate and people working there know precisely where they can find the things they need. It is unanimously believed that cabinets help the workers to save time and become more efficient.

Office Cabinet Repair

You should also order municipal cabinet repair, doctor office cabinet repair, or law office cabinet repair because they are an essential part of company assets. Investing in maintenance and restoration of cabinet repair saves you money and time in the long run.

Advantages of Office Cabinet Repair

1.     Professional skilled workmanship

2.     Prevention and Damage Control

3.     Better employee engagement

Phases of Office Cabinet Repair

If your office cabinets have some small issues like a scratch or a loose hinge here and there, the repair is the first step. Hardware issues and adjustment and alignment problems, hinder the smooth flow and functionality of office cabinets.

Hardware malfunction results in numerous alignment and adjustment problems eventually. A loose hinge or a broken knob if not fixed may end up in a fallen door cabinet or not-accessible cabinet. A professional office cabinet repair NY team can replace or fix your hardware, repaint or resolve issues with the cabinet door finishing, and work to smooth down your assets’ functionality.


Reface is something between repair and removal. Cabinet repair including refacing can save up to half of your cost in contrast with replacing. However, you should evaluate if you need refacing or refacing the right solution to your cabinet issues.

Your office cabinet repair should lead to cabinet refacing if the following criteria are met.

  1. Your office cabinets fulfill your need for storage, and the organization is good enough for your style and needs. For example, law firm cabinet repair usually needs more space for files and documents in an organizational style that can be easily cataloged.
  2. The hardware is in good shape and fully functional.
  3. The carcass of cabinets is sturdy. It has no mold, breakage, splits, or termite issue.
  4. You are looking for a new outlook in an otherwise perfect cabinet structure. For example, you might want more child-friendly themes in a children’s doctor cabinet repair. This can be achieved by changing the skin of the cabinets.

Remove and Install

If your cabinets are beyond repair or have inherited a cabinet setup that does not match your office purpose, you might opt to remove the existing cabinets. You should look into a new installation of office cabinets if;

  1. Difficult to Access
  2. Cabinet does not open and closes smoothly.
  3. Cabinets doors are loose or not aligned with the cabinet box.
  4. Cabinets are stuck so bad that you cannot reach them.
  5. Cabinets have mold or burn that cannot be repaired.

Services Offered at Dr. Cabinet

Dr. Cabinet has an experienced and skilled team that specializes in cabinet repair. We believe in learning about the clients’ design and the clients’ requirements before offering our plan and solutions. When we have the background knowledge about the business using the office cabinets we will repair or replace; we can offer more suitable solutions.

We have experience in a variety of cabinet repair projects. We do all sorts of cabinet repairs including library cabinet repairs, school cabinet repair, doctor cabinet repair, and law firm cabinet repair, etc.

Municipal Office Cabinet Repair

Municipal cabinet repair is mainly characterized by reliability and durability. Since it is a frequently used office and has a lot of document work to reach and use, classification and cataloging are important. Therefore, we make sure that we use the highest quality hardware and materials to withhold such frequent use. The cabinets we use have shelves that are the perfect height for the files so that we do not waste even a single inch of storage. Then there are vertical shelves for heavy books too. We also prefer specialty lateral file cabinets in municipal office repair as they utilize the available space better.

Doctor Office Cabinet Repair

Doctor cabinet repair varies from doctor to doctor. But one characteristic that is important in all such repairs is the cleanliness and sleekness of the work. We mostly prefer handleless and floating cabinets here. The materials we use in doctor cabinet repairs are smooth and high because coarser materials harbor germs and bacteria.

Refacing is also a choice in doctor cabinet repair if dealing with children or special needs patients.

Law Firm Office Cabinet Repair

Law firm office cabinet repair needs a lot of work in the storage department. We try to accommodate more efficient space utilization for filing and cataloging because law firms have many documents, references, and books to be stored. Also, the easy accessibility to every shelf is crucial in such repairs. We can also introduce improved filing systems and automated cabinets for better tracking of possessions.

A clean and sleek outlook is fundamental in any business. We make sure that our repair work does not leave any unwanted scratches or marks on the office’s walls or flooring. Efficiency is crucial in any office cabinet repair work; hence the hardware like hinges, slides, and operating efficiency is essential. We always guarantee silent and efficient closing and opening of drawers and cabinets with the perfect adjustment and alignment.

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