Touch Up Cabinet Repair

Minor scratches here and there, peeling doors, and small cracks tarnish the overall appearance of your cabinets. They may or may not affect the work, but aesthetically they do not look good and eventually affect the moods.

Minor wear and tear on cabinets are always expected because they get scratches, spills, and aging as they are used. You may not want to go ahead with a full-scale restoration project, but you cannot live with these minor problems. Touch cabinet repairs are the solution here. It is like finding a common middle ground. It is relatively inexpensive yet makes your cabinets look new and thus bring peace of mind for you.

Touch Up, Refinish or Replacement?

Replacement is an expensive and time taking way to fix things. We usually do not recommend replacement if the damage is not unrecoverable and widespread. Refinishing and resurfacing is a good option when the damage is widespread and the doors or drawer fronts are in pretty bad condition.

Touch up is something for small cracks, scratches, wear and tear that is not affecting the functionality but is an eyesore for the people dealing with them. You may consider these factors while deciding the course of action.

  • Does it have a sentimental value?
  • See the cost estimates for all methods and your budget.
  • Is it worth it?

A. Residential cabinet touch up repair

Residential cabinet touch-up repairs is primarily needed in kitchen cabinets where the use is widespread, and spills and accidents are regular. Minor scratches around the knobs and handles because of excessive use and minor isolated damages in the ground lying cabinets because of accidents on counters are common examples.

You may also need residential cabinet touch-up repair service in the bathrooms because of humidity and moisture build-up.

Touch Up Cabinet Repair

B. Commercial cabinet touch up repair

Commercial cabinet touch up repair is critical for the business. Because of course, if the company cannot maintain itself, what can we expect from them? So, touching up must be a part of the routine for the business. It saves them a good amount of money because they can delay significant repairs for a long. Also, minor touch-ups do not need the company to close doors, and it goes along with the everyday happenings in the store or office.

DIY or a Professional Service?

Doing your DIY cabinet touch-ups starts with a passion and desire to show your talent but sometimes can end in despair and a mess. But the chances are that you may come along nicely, and the overall process becomes very gratifying. So, it is like a game of probabilities. While hiring professional cabinet touch up repair service has better outcomes because they are specialized in the field and have access to the tools and supplies to deliver the best quality.

Professional Touch up cabinet repair

Hiring professional touch up cabinet repair is more expensive than DIY, but it is the most risk-free method with the best results. A professional touch up cabinet repair person has the experience and skills to assess your cabinets and decide the best way for repair. Once it is done, they start working, and the result is flawless, just like new cabinets.

Professional touch up cabinet repair services can deal with burns, rings, spills, refills, colour matching, polishing and grain matching. The best way is to request the company from whom you bought the cabinets to provide touch-up services. In other cases, always go for someone with skills, experience, and a solid reputation. Nobody wants to be a case for an experiment anyway.

How about a cabinet touch-up repair kit?

You often receive a touch-up repair kit with new cabinets. If not, you may purchase equipment from hardware stores or other supplies stores. They are not the perfect solutions, but a good middle ground between DIY and professional cabinet touch up a repair kit. It is like an emergency first aid kit.  Cabinets touch-up kits for Wood and MDF may include the following:

  • Touch-Up Paint Marker
  • Touch-Up Crayon
  • Scraper
  • Buffing Pad
  • Instructions

You must read and understand both the instruction manual of the repair kit and the cabinet company’s instructions. If your cabinet company has not provided the repair kit, you may want to look for more information on the internet.

Always test on an isolated piece of material.

In both cases, that is in the case of a Do Yourself repair and the possibility of professional service; it is an important step. Always test on an isolated piece of material like the back of the cabinet, toe kick, or the side, which is not very visible like inside the cabinet door to see if the colour, finish, and final finish are according to your requirement.

Dr. Cabinet Touch Up Cabinet Repair

Dr. Cabinet has an excellent reputation in cabinet repair, resurface, replacement and installation in both residential and commercial setup. With their extensive experience in the field of the cabinet, the team knows the materials inside out. Hence they are in the best position to choose the best touch-up cabinet repair method and supplies. They have been helping their clients in cabinet touch up cabinet repairs for years.

In commercial settings, they recommend the regular maintenance and touch up of furniture and cabinets to add years to the assets. A small investment goes a long way here.

Contact Dr. Cabinet for touch-up cabinet repair.

You can give us a call for a discussion about the touch-up cabinet repair. In other cases, please send us pictures of the damaged cabinets from different angles. In this way, we are usually in a position to assess and advise you about your damages. Sometimes what you think needs replacement can be fixed through a slight touch-up. Sometimes the vice versa happens, and we have to tell you that you have downplayed the damage.

Alternatively, we can visit your location for a detailed quote and counseling about the process. Our initial visit and price quote is free of cost. Feel free to give us a call for premium quality touch-up cabinet repair.

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